See the options below to view the various workshops we offer. Please see schedule for upcoming dates and to book online call (404) 584-7500 or email

  1. Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop

    couples-workshops-logoLearn the skills to build lasting connection and transform your relationship with our weekend couples workshops!

    Couples will:

    •  Learn better communication skills
    •  Develop an increased compassion and
    understanding for your partner
    •  Learn new tools to renew passion

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  2. Keeping the Love You Find A Workshop for Individuals

    Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.22.10 AM

    What is like to be in relationship with you?

    This weekend workshop will help you:

    •  Make sure you are “Relationship Material”
    •  Understand your relationship agenda
    •  Implement your strategy for personal growth

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  3. Imago Professional Facilitator Program

    Presented by Bob and Wendy Patterson
    The Imago Professional Facilitator Program is the Training that Changes Everything

    Become a Certified Imago Professional Facilitator with this four session training program or take the training one session at a time and improve your personal and professional life with the scientifically proven Imago communication model.

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  4. Getting The Love You Want Gay and Lesbian Workshop

    All of our couples workshops are LGBT friendly!  In addition, our beloved colleague Jeannie Ingram offers several LGBT Getting the Love You Want Workshops each year. You can find her workshop dates and registration when you click here!


  5. Recovering Our Connection: A GLYW Workshop for Couples in Recovery

    Our colleagues Wanda Faurie and Barbara and Steve Brown present several Getting the Love You Want Workshops for couples in recovery. For information on their dates and registration, please visit their websites below:

    Wanda Faurie:

    Barbara and Steve Brown:


  6. Getting The Love You Want Advanced Couples Workshop

    A workshop for couples who have completed the GLYW couples weekend.

    •  Take your relationship to the next level
    •  Re-romanticzing and re-energizing for fun and passion
    •  Enhance your skills
    •  Learn advanced processes for the constructive use of conflict and anger

    Please contact our office if you are interested in our follow up workshop. We schedule these workshops based on interest! You can reach us at 404-584-7500 or at 


  7. Positive Power & Influence Program

    clearingmen-3Presented by Bob Patterson and Next Level Dialog
    Executive/Leadership Coaching

    The Key Principle of the Positive Power & Influence Program:
    Reaching personal and professional objectives while maintaining and enhancing relationships.

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  8. The Clearing for Men: A One-Day Workshop for Men


    If the Clearing group sounds intriguing to you , but your schedule will not allow for weekly meetings, come to a one-day workshop!

    The Clearing One-Day workshop is a chance to connect with other men while also learning to develop positive communication skills. Men who have attended in the past report a positive change in their relationships and feel they are living richer and fuller lives because of this workshop.

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