Imago Professional Facilitator Program

Imago Professional Facilitator Program Online

Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation

This course may stand alone or be taken as a pre-requisite for the certification program. All trainees must attend a Keeping the Love You Find Workshop or Getting the Love You Want Workshop. 

21 hours real time participation +
6 hours of videos and
6 hours of independent practice w/ a colleague.

Mondays – March 1st – April 18th, 2021 

12 – 3 p.m. Eastern

Fundamentals Course:
$595* for Early Bird Registration
$690* for Regular Registration
*(This fee will be put toward the Full Certification
Program fee if you continue with the training.)

Full Certification Program:
$4,600 USD

Some courses may additionally be offered in person.

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Presented by an international team of Imago Clinical Trainers
and Faculty Members.

  1. Program Description
    The Imago Professional Facilitator Program is a unique course designed specifically for professionals interested in facilitating more efficient dialogue and increasing personal power in their workplace, home, and life.
    The goal of the IPFP is to provide a safe environment for individuals to reach their full potential in guiding others toward successful relationship outcomes. This program changes how we view conflict and develops our ability to build relationships, inviting others to become engaged and spirited participants in growing organizations, businesses, and non-profits.
    Whether you are in management, sales, project management, education, law, medicine, or a team leader, this program can help you get to the next level and keep growing.
  2. Who should take this training?
    This training is perfect for
    • Leaders, Executives, Managers
    • Physicians, Health Care Workers
    • Educators
    • Lawyers
    • Administrators
    • Mediators
    • Business Owners
    • Coaches
    • Ministers / Clergy
  3. For Information or To Register
    Please contact our office at 404-584-7500
    or email Allison Dragony at
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