Comments from Previous Workshop Participants

“This course is more of an eye opener than I would have ever expected. It gives me hope.”

“Thank you for a fantastic weekend! Not at all what I expected and everything I needed! You two are a special kind of couple…and I am so fortunate to have been a part of last weekend. Love, Mary Harris 6/9/06.”

“The Workshop benefited me most by showing me how to deal with the anger and hurt constructively.”

“Being a therapist myself, and just married six months ago, we both wanted to work on the dialogue skills. I think I will use much that I learned from this Workshop in my own work with couples.”

“There is not just one word to describe how wonderful the Workshop is. I have tried to find one word, but it is impossible. I gained so much from Wendy and Bob that we, my husband and I, will never be the same. We will be better for taking this Workshop.”

“The Workshop is a moving, ‘heart rendering’ experience. I’ve had therapy in the past, but this put a lot of the pieces together.”

“After seventeen years of a good marriage, taking this workshop has given us the tools for more fun, pleasure and a GREAT MARRIAGE.”

“I was able to see that it wasn’t just what I could do for my partner, but what she could do for me.”

“Participating in the Workshop helped me feel a connection with my partner on a deeper level.”

“Just fantastic!”

“Bob and Wendy were inspirational, enlightening and fun.”

“I feel Wendy and Bob exemplify what marriage should be by openly sharing their joys and own faults with the group; as well as ways in which they have grown.”

“This workshop has given us skills to use in communicating and opened doors for us with each other emotionally.”

“I liked the Workshop because I learned that incompatibility is normal and manageable.”

“It made us realize that though we could not go back to our wedding day, it is possible to recapture those feelings we had lost. There is always hope if you look inside your heart. A toast to Bob and Wendy for a job well done!”

“The most life changing event I have ever been through. All newlyweds (I have been married 13 years) should be required to go through it.”