Imago Clinical Training for Therapists

Help couples quickly reconnect using Imago Relationship Therapy Tools based on the principles of Dr. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, co-founders of Imago Relationship Therapy and authors of Getting The Love You Want.

Presented by Jesica Eames, LCSW, JD
and Guest Presenter Wendy Palmer Patterson, LCSW,LMFT

Jesica is an exciting addition to the Imago Training Institute Faculty. She has a strong background in Imago Relationship Therapy and thrives at working with couples and their community dynamics. Additionally, she brings her experience as a Lawyer to her training resources. Jesica has facilitated trainings across the US and in South Korea. Her teaching style is interactive, welcoming, and enlightening.

Wendy is an internationally known Senior Faculty member and Master Clinical Instructor for the Imago Training Institute. In addition to trainings in South Korea, Turkey, and New Zealand, Wendy has been training therapists in Atlanta, GA for over 20 years. Wendy is known for her warm, empathetic, and engaging training style, weaving lessons into experience.

Imago Clinical Training in Couples Therapy

Program Description: The Imago Relationship Therapy model is based on psychological theories from Freud to Neuroscience, woven into dialogue-based interventions which deepen connection. Learning and integrating the Imago model into your practice can make working with couples more fun, rewarding and successful.  The Imago structure can help couples create conscious, loving relationships and clinicians often find renewed confidence and excitement with couples work!

Schedule:  These training dates will be conducted via Zoom. 

2022-2023 Training Dates

Imago Foundation Part 1 (Days 1 & 2):  September 16-17 or October 21-22, 2022

Imago Foundation Part 2 (Days 3 & 4): December 2 -3, 2022  

Imago Skills Module 2 (Days 5-8) January 26-29, 2023

Imago Skills Module 3 (Days 9-12) March 2-5, 2023

10:00am – 6:00pm via Zoom

$3,000 for the Full Training. There are additional fees after the training for Supervision and Tape Submission. There is more information on pricing under the Tuition section below!

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• GRAD STUDENTS: If you are a grad student, we are offering a 20% scholarship on the Imago Clinical Training.

• IMAGO COHORT: In an effort to build community, we are offering scholarships if three or more therapists register together! 10% off of the 1st two days, or 15% off if you register for the full training!

Please contact Allison at for discount codes or if you have any questions!

For more information about Certification Requirements please visit Imago Relationships North America

  1. Trainee Comments
    What our Trainees say about the Imago Clinical Training: 

    “ I can say unequivocally that Imago Relationship Therapy is the most effective model for understanding and improving relationships. It works! ” – Pat Love

    “This training helped me get out of my head and into the art of being a therapist.” 

    “Imago training completely changed how I work with couples. It helped me enjoy couples work again.” 

    “Wendy’s teaching style is warm and approachable. She creates a level of warmth and acceptance that challenges you to go deeper in your personal and professional life.” 

  2. Registration Requirements

    (Not required for Introduction to Imago)

    • Attend a “Getting the Love You Want” Workshop led by a Certified Workshop Presenter prior to the training. Participation should be with one’s committed, intimate partner. Single therapists may attend with a close friend, relative or colleague of either gender.
    • Have a graduate degree in the mental health field (M.S.W., M.Div., M.D., Ph.D., etc.) OR enrollment in advanced degree program. Graduate students welcome!
    • Be a member of a national professional organization with accreditation requirements that include clinical and supervised hours or meet equivalent requirements by state licenser, or describe and document your supervision history.  (ex: NASW for clinical social workers, AAMFT for marriage and family therapists, AAPC for pastoral counselors, APA for psychologists, AMA for psychiatrists)
    • 300 hours of post graduate supervision (150 hours may be group supervision. 150 hours must be one-on-one supervision).

    Registration must be completed on our website and the following documents must be emailed to with your application. If you cannot supply them at the time of your registration, you can submit them to our office at the time of your first training session.

    • License to practice psychotherapy if required by your state or province
    • Proof of malpractice insurance
    • Two letters of recommendation from colleagues who know your work well.

    Each applicant will be considered on his or her own merits. If you do not have all of the above credentials, please attach a cover letter that addresses the exception to your applications. Please note that admission to this program does not guarantee certification. A personal interview with any applicant prior to acceptance may be requested.

  3. Tuition
    The tuition for this course is $3,000.  Imago Foundation (Days 1 & 2) can be taken as a stand alone course for $500. The remaining $2,500 for the full Imago Clinical Training is due to your clinical Instructor over the course of your training.  Payments may be broken up into payments of $1,250 for the full Imago Clinical Training and this is due at the beginning of each session. Registration fees are subject to change without notice.

    The total investment for certification as an Imago Relationship Therapist:

    Imago Clinical Training: $3,000

    Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop: $500 – $800*

    Supervision: $100 per month (6 months minimum)

    Final video submission and Certification: $195**

    20 CE Credits for Days 1 & 2: $30

    *Price of the workshop may vary depending on the location and format.

    **If a subsequent video is needed, the fee will be $150 for each further video presented for certification.

  4. Cancellation Policy
    If you cancel 30 days or more prior to the starting date of the training program, your registration fee may be refunded minus a $50non-refundable finance charge.   Please inquire with our office for refund details ( If you make arrangements to do so at least 30 days before the start date of training, you may apply your deposit to the next scheduled program once at no charge. If you cancel within 30 days of the program, or do not show on the first scheduled date of training, your registration fee can be applied to the next available program. 
  5. Advanced Imago Workshops
    Jesica and Wendy currently have a number of Consultation/Supervision groups that meet in person or over the phone (for non-local therapists).  Advanced Imago workshops are offered annually as well. If interested please contact our office at (404) 584-7500
  6. CEU Credits
    CEUs have been applied for for LPC, LCSW, and LMFT.