The Clearing for Men

The Clearing for Men:

A Self-Investment Course 

We are starting a new online Wednesday group from 4:00-6:00pm EST.
This group is available to men ANYWHERE, any time zone!  
The fee is $80 per session. 

What if, amidst the dense tangle of competing issues you face as a man, you were to come upon…a clearing?

The Clearing is a weekly group that has been helping men handle life’s stresses for 15 years. Over 1000 men, from all walks of life, have benefited from our program. The Clearing for Men is a group that gathers to give each other a place to exchange thoughts. It is not a therapy group or lecture. It is structured to be what men feel comfortable doing. 

The Clearing might be for you if:

  • You have some things “bottled up” that you would like to get out.
  • You want to get some enthusiasm back in your life.
  • You want someplace where you can relax and talk.
  • Your primary relationship is in a rut.
  • Your fuse is short, and little irritants are really starting to matter.
  • You want to break destructive cycles of arguments and conflict.

The Clearing for Men can help you:

  • Increase personal power
  • Achieve relationships that are richer, fuller, and more rewarding
  • Develop new skills to communicate positively, with impact
  • Move from conflict to connection

We meet Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, Wednesday Afternoon, and Thursday Morning.

For more information, or to schedule a free observation, please call the office at 404-584-7500 or email Bob at

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What men say about The Clearing for Men: 

“The Clearing is unique in that it encourages men to reach into themselves. You’re constantly encouraged to improve yourself and contribute to your relationships.”

“The Clearing is a place of trust; all of our discussions and sharing are conducted in an atmosphere of respect.”

“The Clearing has brought me out of my shell, and I have begun to call people, meet to talk and connect myself with the community. This is significant for me.”

“The Clearing has provided me with extremely important and vital coping tools. What I have learned has had a major impact on my day to day, personal and business life.”

“The Clearing has put me on a good path towards being a better person for myself and for others on a day to day basis.”

Click on the link below to download our brochure!

The Clearing Brochure