The Imago Professional Facilitator Program

Your Next Big Step?  

By Wendy Palmer Patterson


You know when something wonderful that you are a part of grows and changes and it leaves you feeling awestruck?  That is happening to us at P2. The landscape of relationship work epitomized in Imago Relationship Therapy, that has occupied us for the past 30 years, has officially rolled out into the greater community.

So many people who experience Imago have said that they want to take these concepts, these values and beliefs, these skills into their churches, their schools, their doctors offices, their corporations, their nonprofits and their families.  Our wise colleagues in Austria decided to take the Imago clinical work and adapt it for the greater communities. We, at Imago Relationships International, have been teaching this Professional Imago Facilitator program in Europe, South Africa, Israel, New Zealand, England and Canada for the past several years.  Bob and I are so proud to be the first to offer this training in the United States.

During this past year we have had the privilege of training a remarkable group of people from all over the east coast to take Imago into their various and interesting settings. These Professional Facilitators are currently conducting their required projects after completing this intensive training for non-therapists who want to become expert at facilitating conscious relationships wherever they go.  The range and scope of what we are seeing applied is thrilling.

This training is designed to take the relational understandings and the new paradigm of Both-And and ground the students thoroughly in how to think about, teach about, and apply Imago to facilitation one on one,  with dyads, families, groups and organizations. All of these are best conducted, in our opinion, with the application of the Relational Paradigm and the skills of Imago.  The training is a substantive commitment of 12 training days, in depth reading, consultation, skill application, and crafting a project designed to further the understanding of Imago application.

One example of this is the Teacher/Facilitator who is teaching dialogue to fifth graders then challenging them to go home and teach their parents with appreciations and to use the skills in ongoing classroom experiences.  A beautiful calendar of amazing photographs of nature in dialogue lives on our wall as an example of another project from an Austrian Facilitator/Mountain Instructor/Photographer couple.

If you have any desire to expand your footprint in your work or community to include the identity of a Professional Imago Facilitator please consider joining us in January!  The program is designed in 4 components and, while session 2, 3 and 4 require attending session 1, they can be taken one at a time.  All 4 sessions and the complete projects are requirements for certification AND we have more and more people who are attending pieces of this work with no intention of being certified rather for their personal enhancement.

Come join us.


2017 Atlanta Training Dates:

Session 1: January 27 – 29
Session 2: March 24-26 
Session 3: June 23-25 
Session 4: November 3rd – 5th

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