Cleaning Up My Side Of The Street

A Blog About The Impact of The Clearing For Men Group 


From time to time, the Men of The Clearing group will contribute articles about their experiences with the group. Here is an article from one of our participants about the impact Imago and The Clearing have had on his marriage. Enjoy! 


After 13 months of skepticism and struggling to clean up my side of the street with support from the Clearing guys, a pronounced, positive shift has occurred in my relationship with my wife of 4 years (together 11 years). This, after years of relationship power struggles and poor communication. I must say without exaggeration that Bob literally pulled us back from the brink of breaking up twice during the past 2 months. He will say that we pulled ourselves back, and we certainly did, but we feel he provided the final push on the door that we had opened gradually over many months so we could finally walk through it.

Basically, Bob leveraged the accumulation of perspective and enlightenment I had gained from the Clearing group to help me see my wife’s shift and not give up when it was right there in front of me. And, he provided my wife with the assurance that I had put in the work in group to sustain my own shift. The group hammered me initially during the first few months so that I could finally step into my wife’s shoes, and when I have regressed, they restored the perspective and exercises in empathy I needed.

So now, the relationship is on a footing which we believe we can sustain. We know we will need to connect daily through appreciation dialogue and other means. We know, also, that we must practice the Imago dialogue tools we have learned to use during times of conflict, and we have a dialogue memorized that we can use should we reach a break-point level of conflict. But, perhaps the most important lesson I have learned is that maintaining connection and vigilance in curiosity is even more vital during good times than bad. Because as S and Sulaiman have warned, the wheels can (and will) come off in an instant, and it is how you deal with it that matters most.    



The Clearing is a weekly men’s group that meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Thursday mornings.

The Clearing for Men can help you;

  • Increase personal power
  • Achieve relationships that are richer, fuller, and more rewarding
  • Develop new skills to communicate positively, with impact
  • Move from conflict to connection

For more information, please call the office at 404-584-7500 or email Bob at     Please contact us to set up your initial session observation and see what it’s all about for yourself!


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